Worldwide; in one weekend

It's easy to dream away when you're browsing through travel magazine and travel blogs. Looking for a paradise far, far away. Aiming for the highest mountains, go on a expeditions in Amazonas or diving with sharks in south Africa. A place no one has been. At least nobody you know.

More often than not, it's just a dream. It's far away, it's expencive and no one can afford to come with you. Then it's importent to find the exotic a little bit closer. Use your imagination and plan for a local expedition.

I hadn't been felling very good lately, resulting in to much indoor life. But this weekend, I'm going out and I'm taking my great passion in life with me, my kayakk.

I just love to plan a trip. Looking through magazines, searching the web for tips, study the map and making a travelplan. Checking the weather report is also importent. My competence has to match the weatherreport. The schedule for the ferry is downloaded. Is it gonne be tent or a cabin? And then theres the packing. It is a true delight and I can feel my body bursting of joy in anticipation of the weekend ahead.

The choice is made. This weekend we're going to Nautesundet. A charming little place squeezed inbetween Masfjorden and Fensfjorden. The map is showing a lot of islets, sheaves and exciting coves. We leave the city behind us early this saturday morning. Eager to get out on the road. Eager to get the journey started. Eager to get out on the water. Leaving the city we can see that this is turning out to be a beautiful day.

There's hardly any trafic and we have the road almost to ourselves. The scenery is changing, and soon we are surrounded by nature. The houses get fewer, just passing small villages on our way. And at the tip of the island Lindås we arrive at the ferry port. Here we find the ferry that is taking us over the Hudson River. The adventure has started. Standing out on the deck, I look up at the clear blue sky and close my eyes. I feel the warmth from the sun, the wind is blowing in my hair. The force of nature is giving me a sense of living. Behind us we can see the outlines of the city we just left. Confusingly similar to Mongstad.

And then, finally we're out on the water.

It's windy as we paddle through Haugsdalsosen. The stress of everyday life is melting away and nothing else excist but here and now. The body adjust and becomes one with the kayakk and get custome to the waves. The mind gets a life of it's one and start wandering around, without interfering with the great nature around us.

Suddenly we get close to a flock of herons. We almost end up in the water, a little bit startled when they all fly from the three at the same time. Flocks of young herons tend to stay over winter along the coast side of Scotland. We follow them as they fly over the green grass of Scotland, with high cliffs and grasseating cows and a old castle in the distance. For a minut we get lost in the fantacy.

Sitting in a kayakk, zero meters above sea level, a lot of things look different. Nature is giving life to beings and characters from the fairytales. Maybe it was under similar conditions our old storytellers got their inspiration. We paddle in and out coves and islets. Suddenly we meet a giant centipede on his way out at sea. Maybe he's headed out on a long journey or just taking his morningbath. 

We continue towards Ytre Haugsøyvågen. We are surrounded by cliffs and forrest and can hardly feel the wind anymore. In the distance we can hear bells from a sheep. All of a sudden we have arrived in the norwegian mountains. We stroll along small mountainwater, smelling the wet mold an feeling the cold wind caresses the cheek. Autumn is coming, sparkling colors appear around us, and in a small grove the rustling wind makes the leaves falling to the ground. Wistful and fantastic at the same time. 

We have already paddle for some ours and need refuiling. In other words, we need a place to have lunch. Since we are in a unknown place it can be difficult to find a nice spot to go ashore. We're passing and old boathouse, halfway out in the water. On the inside is a small bay with what looks to be a lawn area. When we step out of the kayak we discover there's quite a bit of mud here. So we are sinking down and our feet get sucked in. Trying to get out, our shoes get left behind in the mud and then you tend to fall. I'm not saying anything more. 

After eating our traditional norwegian "matpakke", we continue our paddletrip. We are crossing the fjord towards Hosøyna and paddle along the shoreside of Hosøytangen. On this island wild sheep is living. Experience would suggest that they are shy and will run away as soon as they see people. But we get suprised. These sheeps are curious. The come as far as they can before hitting the water, sticking their noses in the air and trying to get a sense of our smell. They want to know who we are, if they reckognize us and maybe they hope we brought some candy? More sheeps turn up and they line up like photomodels on the runway. 

Eventually the sheep get tired of us. We don't have anything to offer, so they walk away. The countyline between Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane goes in this fjord so we paddle to and from the two countys. For your information, there were no passport controll involved. 

It's getting late in the afternoon and we need a place to stay for the night. We have already booked a cabin at the campingsite of Nautesund. Our cabin is on the eastside. A small wilderness cabin deep in the woods of Alaska. After taking our kayakk high up onshore we enter the cabin with enough gear to take us through the night. The cabin is small, but homey, and smell like old pinewood. Just as it should be. In the livingroom there is a fireplace and we fire up the wood. Soon the cabin is warm and gives life to cold bodies. We talk about our experiences that day while we stand side by side in the kitchen, making dinner. We plan the next day before the yawning takes over and we have to go to sleep. The wind has increased in strength and is howling around the cabinwalls. Or, was it a wolf? Yes, I belive it was. Safe as we are inside the cabin, we soon fall asleep.

I peek out the window the next morning. What is the weather like today? It seems that the wind is gone, almost anyway. A little bit more cloudy, but still big openings for the sun to shine through. Should it want to say hi. We eat in a hurry and pack even faster. Eager to get out on the sea again. 

Today we start in Straumsvika. Here we find a public dock with a few parkingspots. The ocean is calm and mirrors the surroundings. We're heading south and wants to paddle around Kjeøyna, but first we take a detour to Blokksberg. This is the place where the witches live and I have lost my bromstick. I thought it might had been heading home, and I was right. Here it was. 

We continue south. In front of us is the savannah in Africa. The sun is warming us through an opening in the sky. And there, just in front of us, a vulture is standing tall. Patiently on the lookout for his next meal. 

Turning our back to the savannah we're heading down the fjord and to a little village called Frøyset. It's october and it's showing on the leaves. The colors range from yellow to red and reminds me of thanksgiving we plan to celebrate in a couple of weeks. The american tradition with Thanksgiving started in 1863 in the USA. It's not an tradition in Norway. But since I now am a part-time farmer I will consider doing it every year. 

The scenery is changing fast. Further inside the fjords the landskape is opening up and we see the village. A few houses and cabins, boathouses and a big church from 1837. It is obvius to see that the village of Frøyset has long traditions. Old boathouses decorates the coastline. Uphill is an old, beautiful farm. Here you can buy farm products and stay the night if you want. If the weekend was any longer we would also take the trip up to the top of the mountains. On a clear day you have view all the way to the seven mountains of Bergen. 

Anyway, we have decided to paddle as far it is possible in this fjord. And at the end, the river Frøyset begins. If you have a fishinglicense you can fish salmon, but we just want to paddle. The narrow part of the fjord gives us the feeling of being on an expedition. Can hardly wait to see what's around the next corner. The red house is an old mill. At least there is a big wheel on the backside. Maybe it has been rebuilt many times over the years and had different purposes. Countless are the stories about the miller's daugher. Maybe she learned how to spin gould here. 

We are hungry again and find ourselves a nice grasslawn to stratch our legs on. The sun is coming through the clouds again and warm us as we enjoy our lunch. On the other side of the fjord a swane family has set roots. The parents and six ugly ducklings. The father is flapping his wings at us. It's a warning, he's asking us to stay away. And relaxes when he understand we are not coming closer. They are also having lunch and we try to remember the fairytale about the ugly duckling. We wonder: -how long was the ugly duckling ugly? when do ducklings get white? and other "existential" questions. We don't google the answer. Sometimes you just need to talk, discuss and train your little braincelles. The atmosphere is good and "it's nice to be a norwegian in Denmark". 

Unavoidable as it is, this fantastic day is getting to an end. The weekend is almost over. It's time to pack our gear, get home and get ready for a new week. We paddle slower and slower as we approach our final destination. Trying to make it last a little bit longer. But what a weekend. And we have some great memories. All the things we have seen, and so much fun playing with our imagination. I highly recommend it. 

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