Lofotens famous goat

A view to the goat

I must admit, many years ago when I first heard about the famous goat in Lofoten, I thought it was an actual goat. Maybe a special kind of breed. And then I learned, it wasn’t any kind of animal at all. It was a mountaintop, looking like the horn of a goat. Well, well. We live and learn.

A good day for hiking
The weather wasn’t the best when arriving at Svolvaer, Lofotens main capital. It had been raining all night and everything was wet. The weather didn’t inspire to any activities, but the clouds seems to decide to be blown away with the light breeze coming in from the sea.
It was starting to be a perfect day for hiking.
A cloudy day

Climbers at the goat
As every mountain in Lofoten, also this one is quite steep. The hike in itself is not more than about 1 km to get to the goat. (The locals just call it the goat). If you want to climb it, that is. Climbers from all over the world is coming here desired to conquer the goat. Sit on the top of it’s horn, maybe jump between them, and wathch the spectacular view over the city. For the rest of us, not desired to climb, there is a possibility to hike pass the goat and get behind it.
The goat itself is about 150 m tall. With the top being about 569 mosl. Ferdinand Schjelderup, Alf Bonnevie Bryn og Carl Wilhelm Rubenson was the first people to have climb to the top. That was way back in august of 1910. Since then countless of people have tried, and both failed and succeded.
Some have even tried to climb it without proper equipment. It is not recommended, one misstep and you’re out. For good. Guided tours is available and much safer.
Climbers at the goat

Follow the trail
The trail start at the parking lot at Blatindvegen. And right away it get’s steep. Walking sticks would be a great help and relief to the knees. There isn’t much view to begin with as the trees are blocking. On sunny days they will provide shelter from the sun.
After about 400 meter, above the treeline, the landscape opens up. Only blueberrie bushes, ferns and grass grows here. Now being in line with the goat it’s time for that last uphill. Climbing on all 4, hands and feet, up the steep mountainside. But the view on top is spectacular. It’s worth every step of the way.
Sitting here, eating lunch, looking at the climbers. Getting just a small taste of what is must be like climbing to the top down there. It don’t get much better than this.

Top picture: Lookin up and down the steep mountain side. Bottom picture: Sitting behind the goat taking pictures

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