The longest ski trip of this winter

Almost like a miracle, we have snow at home. A lot of it and it is not raining away immediately. But sometimes you just have to stick to your travel plans. We had planned a trip on the other side of the mountains and was really looking forward to it. The mountain between west and east of Norway. We travelled 7 hours in our car to experience a real winter, cold weather and good company.

Irene moved to Hedmarken over a year ago so it was time for a visit. Right after work on Friday we packed our car and was ready to hit the road. The roads were good and miles where flying by. Soon it was dark and we couldn’t see anything but the road. A bit boring.  A few misstroke here and there, but nothing unusual. And when we finally arrived, tired and hungry, at our hosts. Who met us with a fantastic steak dinner. Could it be any better?
Next morning we were heading for the mountain called Ljøsheim for today’s ski trip. But our car wouldn’t start. It sounded like a flat battery. Or was it just to cold? We search for jumper cables, but couldn’t find any. Slightly stated, we tried one more time. And to our surprise it started immediately. The gods was on our side.

After a short drive, we was up in the mountain and it became clear that this was a winter paradise. A lot of snow had fallen down this past week and it weighed heavily on the trees. Some of the smallest trees is completely covered and it looks like a parade of little snowman. The cabin roofs are covered in snow and the owners are out shovelling. And the best of it all, it’s minus 6 degree.

We can see tracks of mountain hare all over the place. Either it’s a few really active one’s or it’s a lot of them. On our way here, a fox jumped in front of the car. Up here, we only see its track. But I’ll bet it’s hunting those mountain hare’s.

There are many kilometres with cross-country skiing track, and every morning they are freshly done by the track car. Since we are unfamiliar with this area, we have studied the map, but trust the knowledge of our hosts. The terrain is slightly hilly and easy going. We decide to go up to Snørvillen at 995 meters above sea level.  The fog is thick the higher we get and we have no view. The direction display on the top show us that on a clear day we could have seen both Rondane and Jotunheimen. We will have to use our imagination.

As time goes by the temperature risen. That is, it’s getting colder and it’s not possible to take a break to eat. We get freezing cold within minutes. We carry on until we get to Midtfjellkoia. A little cabin in the middle of nowhere, warm and cosy. In the kitchen we find Arnfinn. He is making a ton of waffles. He is also famous for his cinnamon buns and if he can, he makes them up here too. 

Even though we didn’t plan for it, it turns out that we have skied for 24 kilometres today. That way it wasn’t only the car trip that was the longest this winter, but also the ski trip. Two birds with one stone.

Hygga is a popular mountain inn. In the evening, we are strolling over for a bite. For someone who can’t eat everything it’s always a bit exciting to check out new places. Do they have anything I could eat? But not to worry here. The owner has a philosophy that any kitchen should be able to make something for everyone. And they did. We shared a nice dinner with our hosts and their friends. We were talking nonstop and new exiting things to do and places to see hit the to-do list. As it often do.

The next morning the fog is gone and a beautiful sunrise is in the horizon. We have a long way home today and is up early to make the most of the time we have left. Again, we are ready for a ski trip. It’s about minus 10 degree today and we have to keep up a steady pace. If you take a break longer than it takes to take a picture the cold find it’s way through all you clothes. However, with the sun shining, this is truly a winter paradise.

On our way home, we stop for a while in Lillehammer. At the bottom of the bay, the ice is thick and we have decided to give it a try. The temperature is a bit up and we are now facing minus 12. Our fingers are cold as ice even before we have time to strap on the skates. On top of that, when you have some borrowed one’s that don’t quite fit, you get a bit unstable and it ends with a hard fall. As long as we are outdoors, have fun and in company with good friends it’s all ok. The ice is covered in frost mist and gives us an extra cold wintery feeling.

The sun is up and we are in a good mood. It's been a fantastic weekend. Our hosts has made us feel welcome and at home an we want to come back. Maybe for another season. Can't wait. 

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